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Winter Basketball Registration is Open

  • Friday, 11/20/2015 - Winter Sport Online Reg Closes
  • Saturday, 11/21/2015 – Basketball Evaluations at Mangum Elementary 
    • 5/6’s – 9:00 – 9:45 AM                
    • 7/8’s – 10:00 – 10:45 AM
  • Saturday, 11/21/2015 – Basketball Evaluations at Lucas Middle
    • 9/10’s – 12:00 – 12:45
    • 11/12’s – 1:00 – 1:45 PM
    • 13/14’s – 2:00 – 2:45 PM       
    • 15/18’s – 3:00 – 3:45 PM
  • Tuesday, 12/01/2015 - Winter Sport Practice Begins

Northern Junior Athletic Association is happy to announce the opening of registration for our Winter Basketball and Cheer Leading season, providing a fun and safe environment for children ages.

NJAA provides an opportunity for young people in our community to develop healthy life and team skills through participation in a variety of sport activities, including soccer, basketball and cheerleading.  Our core values are teamwork, fairness and communication, and we work hard to nurture a positive environment for our participants.  

Basketball Games and Cheerleading events occur at either Lucas Middle School and Mangum Elementary, depending on participant age.  Games and practices are on weekday evenings or Saturdays (mornings and afternoons).

NJAA provides an unbeatable value.  Led by volunteer coaches, players develop into strong, confident individuals that appreciate teamwork, commitment and pride in being a part of the NJAA family. If either you or your child is interested in participating this fall, please click the Registration menu item above. 

Soccer Tournament

See documentation below for the tournament schedule and rules.  

  • The tournament will start Monday November 9 and will be completed on Sunday November 15, weather permitting.  
  • The rules are unique for the tournament.  When a game is tied, there will be no penalty kicks.  All over-times will follow the tournament rules.  This format takes the pressure off the keeper and makes a win or loss a team effort.  
  • The officials will have a copy of the rules with them and will follow them.  
  • There will be a gate charge of $2.00 for ages 18 and above.  Please make the players’ parents aware of the gate charge.  Money collected at the gate will help pay for officials, medallions, and lights.  First place team winners (players) will be presented a medallion after the championship game.  These are extra games provided by NJAA at no additional cost to the parents. 

 I hope everyone will enjoy the tournament atmosphere of these games.  If you have any questions please send me an email.  Good luck in your games!

Kurt Churchill

Tournament Schedule - Please note, due to heavy rain forecast, we are moving games to later in the week.

Day/Date Time Location Game Age Team Team

Thurs. 11/12 6:00 Mangum G-1 U-8 Nor Caciotto Nor Temelkoff
Thurs. 11/12 7:00 Mangum G-2 U-8 Nor Randolph Nor McNulty
Thurs. 11/12 6:00 Mangum G-1 U-10 Nor Langston Nor Moreno
Thurs. 11/12 7:00 Mangum G-1 U-12 Nor White Nor Geissler

Fri. 11/13 6:00 Mangum G-3 U-8 Winner G-1 Winner G-2
Fri. 11/13 6:00 Mangum G-2 U-12 Nor Pennuto Winner G-1
Fri. 11/13 7:00 Mangum G-1 U-15 Nor Temelkoff Nor Allen

Sat.11/14 10:00 Mangum G-4 U-8 Loser G-1 Loser G-2
Sat.11/14 11:30 Mangum G-5 U-8 Loser G-3 Winner G-4
Sat.11/14 10:00 Mangum G-2 U-10 Nor Langston Nor Moreno
Sat.11/14 11:00 Mangum G-3 U-12 Loser G-1 Loser G-2
Sat.11/14 12:00 Mangum If Needed U-10 Nor Langston Nor Moreno

Sun. 11/15 2:00 Mangum G-6 U-8 Winner G-3 Winner G-5
Sun. 11/15 3:30 Mangum G-7 U-8 If Needed
Sun. 11/15 2:00 Mangum G-4 U-12 Winner G-2 Winner G-3
Sun. 11/15 3:00 Mangum G-5 U-12 If Needed
Sun. 11/15 1:00 LRS G-2 U-15 Nor Allen Nor Temelkoff

Soccer Schedules

Click links below to go to game or practice schedules.

About NJAA

 Our Mission       

The purpose of NJAA is to offer planned, supervised athletic programs where children can be given the opportunity to participate in physical exercise and be instructed in the basic fundamentals of teamwork and good sportsmanship, and to provide children in the community with an active and successful sports program.     

Who we are 

NJAA is an all  volunteer organization. It is composed of a Board of Directors who work with our coaches, assistant coaches and additional volunteers.  The Association is a nonprofit corporation formed pursuant to the North Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Act, codified in Chapter 55A of the North Carolina General Statutes Act. 

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