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Spring Season Tournament - Updated

 The end of the spring season is coming up fast.  The NJAA soccer tournament will be the week of June 10  through June 14.  All games will be held at Mangum Elementary. We have had some last minute changes, so please review the updated brackets and schedules.

Tournament Rules and Times

Age Brackets

Tournament Rules

Here is some information on our upcoming soccer tournament. 

  • We will be having our Spring 2015 Soccer Tournament this week.  Games will be occurring Wednesday through Friday evenings, and then Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.  
  • All games are at Mangum.
  • Times are posted on the NJAA web site. 
  • We will be charging $2 a person for attendance, for everyone over 17 and under 65. 
  • This is the first time in several years there is a charge for the tournament.  Money raised from door proceeds will go toward paying for officials and for paying for our lights.(This is a return to how the tournament used to be run when NJAA, Oak Grove and Holt sponsored it.)
  • There will be a concessions stand open each day with drinks and snacks.
  • Parking is in either of the Mangum lots.  Please do not drive down the back, gravel road.  This entrance is closed except for those with a specific need. 
  • Please enter the fields through the stair area. We will have signs and people assigned to assist getting everyone in and out quickly and efficiently.
  • There will be a bracket posted at the coaches tent on the field. 

Summer Camps

For additional information about summer basketball camps, see our Basketball page.

3v3 Soccer Tournament

Attention NJAA soccer players!  Are you interested in improving your skills and having some fun over the summer?  Follow the link her to the upcoming 3 v 3 tournament in Efland.  NJAA players are invited to form teams and enter the 3v3 Live Soccer Tournament.

3v3 Soccer is a variety of soccer played between two teams. Each team may only have 3 players on the field at a time (hence providing the name, "3 v 3", "3 versus 3", or "3 on 3"). This style of soccer is more commonly referred to as a "small-sided" game, as compared to a full game with larger teams. The field used is smaller than a regulation soccer pitch, instead it typically is 30 yards wide by 40 yards long, although these dimensions vary quite a bit when the game is played indoors due to the varied styles and sizes of indoor pitches.

Become a Referee

Interested in becoming a soccer official?  Contact Kurt Churchill at Clinic will be provided for new officials.  Must be 14 years old as of August 1, 2014.

About NJAA

 Our Mission       

The purpose of NJAA is to offer planned, supervised athletic programs where children can be given the opportunity to participate in physical exercise and be instructed in the basic fundamentals of teamwork and good sportsmanship, and to provide children in the community with an active and successful sports program.     

Who we are 

NJAA is an all  volunteer organization. It is composed of a Board of Directors who work with our coaches, assistant coaches and additional volunteers.  The Association is a nonprofit corporation formed pursuant to the North Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Act, codified in Chapter 55A of the North Carolina General Statutes Act. 

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