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Contact Information for Soccer

If you have questions or comments regarding NJAA soccer, please email Kurt Churchill.

Interested in becoming a Soccer Official?

Interested in becoming a Soccer Official? Contact Kurt Churchill at
Clinics will be provided for new officials. Must be 14 years old as of August 1st.

Spring Soccer 2016 Information

Age Groups for Soccer

 Grouping Ages Ball Size
Little Feet 3 to 4 Size 3
U6 (Coed) 5 Size 3
U8 (Boys) 6 to 7 Size 4
U8 (Girls) 6 to 7 Size 4
U10 (Boys) 8 to 9 Size 4
U10 (Girls) 8 to 9 Size 4
U12 (Boys) 10 to 11 Size 4
U12 (Girls) 10 to 11 Size 4
U15 (Coed) 12 to 14 Size 5

Ages as of August 1

U6 (born between 8/1/09 to 7/31/10)
U8 (born between 8/1/07 to 7/31/09)
U10 (born between 8/1/05 to 7/31/07)
U12 (born between 8/1/03 to 7/31/05)
U15 (born between 8/1/00 to 7/31/03)

Questions and Answers

What does my child need to have to play soccer?
All players need to have cleats and shin guards.  Also, they should each bring a soccer ball to practice.  Check above for size.

How are teams picked?

All players will be evaluated by our coaches and our soccer commissioner. Players will be rated as a A, B or C player.  Teams will be divided as evenly as possible between all levels, taking into consideration requests for siblings and car-pools.  

When are practices?
Practices will start late February, date to be announced soon. (Date will depend on when basketball concludes.) Your coach will select two days during the week or weekend to practice.  Practices will be held at Mangum Elementary or Little River Elementary.

When are games?

We plan to play games on Thursday evenings and on Saturdays, and reserve Sundays for make-up games.  

How many games will my child play?
NJAA players will play 10 games, plus and end of season tournament.

Will we still practice once games start?
Coaches can continue to practice as much as they would like after games start.  Usually this will mean one practice a week, depending on game schedules.  

Are there things I can do to help?
Yes, there are LOTS of things that you could do to help.  We need people who would be willing to work in the concession stand, people who would help mow the fields, people who would take trash to the dumpster.  We also need people willing to serve on the Board.  We are looking for people who can help us find sponsors, people willing to work with the registration system, people who would help coordinate events.  (This is a great way to get to know people in your community.) You can contact Tom Johnson if you are interested in volunteering.

Soccer Documents

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Walk-up Registration Form  2/20/201515.09 KBDownload
General Liability Form  8/15/201476.90 KBDownload
Adult Registration Form  8/15/201437.04 KBDownload